Diva Bikini Model

Diva Bikini Model

Diva Bikini Model

The Diva Bikini Model is primarily a beauty contest whilst also displaying slight muscle tone and definition (see examples below). Competitors are judged upon their overall beauty, body shape, symmetry and tone.

Competitors must be able to present themselves in a classy feminine and tasteful way that is marketable.

This competition consists of two rounds, bikini round and evening gown round.

Round #1 Bikini Round

The bikini round consists of competitors wearing a two piece bikini of any style that best compliments your physique. No thongs or G-strings are allowed. (see examples below).

Competitors will be required to perform a runway presentation. Models will also be required to perform quarter turns for the judges.

Attention is focused on beauty of face, figure, physical fitness, and the confidence with which each contestant carries herself.

Round #2 Evening Gown Round

In the evening gown round, competitors are required to wear a floor length, fitted style, classy gown.

Competitors will be required to perform a runway presentation.

Marking Criteria

Competitors are marked on a fit and tones physique, stage presence, poise, confidence and overall marketability.

Other Information

Hair & Makeup – Hair may be worn any style, but avoid distracting hairpieces or distracting hairbands. Makeup should be professionally done to keep in line with the WBFF criteria and brand.

By following WBFF international protocol, WBFF Australia have launched our EXCLUSIVE Beauty Team by bringing Australia’s most highly sought after Hair & Makeup artists together!

The incredible team will create any desirable look & finishing touches to bring your ultimate package to the WBFF stage & to meet the WBFF judging criteria.

Our WBFF Beauty Services are now compulsory and can be booked via the link on the show information page.  For any queries please email: wbffbeauty@gmail.com

Note: no other makeup artists are endorsed by WBFF Australia nor will be authorised backstage.

See the Competitor Information section for more information.

Jewellery – May be worn, but distracting jewellery should not be worn. Chandelier earrings are permitted in all female categories

Suits – No thongs or G-strings allowed, suits must compliment your physique.

Shoes – In line with the WBFF brand, contestants are strongly encouraged to choose a classy style pair of shoes that compliment themselves and competition wardrobe.

Clear stilettos are no longer a part of the competition attire. The WBFF Organization prefers a shoe style that is more stylish and classy. Any style, colour, or stones that fit the attire are allowed. 5 – 6 inch is still the maximum height that is suggested.

Tanning – The official tanning company is Fitness Tan.  Fitness Tan have developed a specific formula for WBFF shows worldwide to ensure all competitors have correct tan for the WBFF judging criteria. Traditional contest tans are too dark for the WBFF judging criteria.

See the Competitor Information section for more information.

Competitor numbers – Will be given out at the athletes meeting the evening before. Buttons should be placed on the left hip in order for judges to read competitors numbers clearly. If you are in two categories you will be use the same number for both categories.

Music – Is not needed for any Female/Male Model categories or Figure categories. Music will be provided.

Height Categories – There are short and tall height categories. Short category is 5’4 and under. Competitors over 5’4 are tall class. There are no weight limitations.

Age Categories – There is an over 35 years of age Diva Bikini Model category (proof of age required at registration).  Both short and tall categories are Open age categories. 

Age Requirements – Competitors must be at least 18 years of age to compete with the WBFF.

More information – All competitors receive a Competitor Guide containing all details regarding competing in the show once registered online.