Transformation Division


By popular request, the Transformation Division has been added to the WBFF Sydney 2018 show.

The transformation division is not just about weight loss.  It could also be for individuals overcoming anorexia/ bulimia or other life disease / cancer and other health disorders.
This event is a true celebration of a personal journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Details for this division are as follows:

All participants must be at least 18 years of age and older, male or female.

Transformation can be anywhere from 3 months to 3-4 years prior.

Contestants will submit a 100 word or less typed bio on themselves explaining how much weight loss / gain they have made and their personal journey (that they are comfortable to share with the audience).

Contestants will be judged on their personal story and transformation.

Judges will read stories and review “before photos” of all contestants prior to the event.

Contestants will be presented live on stage where the final result of their transformation will be revealed. The show MC will share the transformation journey from the bio with the audience at the live show.

Morning / preliminary show

On stage contestants will present themselves in any swimwear attire– 2 piece or one piece personal choice – any suit that compliments the contestant and is classy. Shoes worn must also complement the contestants outfit.  For males, swim shorts or square cut shorts with bare feet, sandals, or sport shoes that also fit the attire.

Evening / finals show

On stage contestants will present themselves in any evening wear of their choice.


Top 3 will qualify to participate in the most glamorous show on earth-  The WBFF Worlds, where the grand prize will be awarded, as well as photo shoots with top industry photographers and the chance to be featured in the WBFF official magazine Fit and Firm magazine.


Registrations for the Transformation Division will open in April/May 2018.

After registration has been completed online, email with:

  • 3 x best before photos (at least 1MB in size and 300dpi)
  • Typed 100 word or less bio on yourself explaining how much weight loss / gain you have made and your personal journey (that you are comfortable to share with the audience).

Any questions can be sent to