Competitor F.A.Q.

FAQ’S For WBFF Inc – World Beauty Fitness and Fashion

The Worlds Most Beautiful People.

Why should I consider competing with the WBFF? How is it different from any other out there?

The WBFF is different from any other organization out there to date.

It was founded by a professional athlete, so we understand the needs as well as the ups and downs of all competitors. We will utilise our relationships with all our partners to create sponsorship and marketing opportunities for the competitors and all of its members, in an industry that is constantly growing. Our events are second to none and they are the most professionally produced shows in the industry.

What categories are there?

Please see each individual category for a full description.

Who can compete in WBFF events?

Any individuals at any level are invited to compete in our events. From amateur to Pro level. Any questions you have pertaining to your competition prep will be provided to you. Just email us with any inquiries

Amateur Athletes – Yes, the WBFF allows any of its members to compete in any event they choose as an amateur athlete. As an amateur athlete you cannot be suspended from competing with multiple organizations.

WBFF Pro Athletes – WBFF Pro athletes are exclusive to the WBFF upon choice of the individual. We hold our Pro Status with high regard.

If I win an amateur category, will I obtain “Pro Status”?

A competitor who competes in our show may be awarded their WBFF Pro Card at the judge’s discretion, if they display the qualities of a WBFF Pro.  Winning your division does not automatically guarantee a Pro Card.

I would like to compete in more than one category.  Will I have enough time to do both?

Yes contestants can do crossovers.

Are there any backstage rules?

Official WBFF Backstage Rules.

No alcohol is permitted at any WBFF event. This is not the image we want to portray. No alcohol is allowed backstage at any WBFF event. Athletes caught with alcohol will be disqualified.

All athletes are responsible for their personal belongings. Please be selective in regards to what you bring to a show.  The WBFF or venues will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.

Due to the large number of competitors at WBFF shows, there is limited space backstage. We provide helpers for athletes backstage, therefore no trainers, friends, family members or assistants are allowed in the backstage area. Tickets for friends/family can be purchased through the Arts Centre Gold Coast.

WBFF shows run professionally, and therefore need everything to work efficiently backstage. Please have everything prepared before you arrive.

All athletes are expected to respect their fellow competitor, we want to create a positive atmosphere backstage where everyone can feel comfortable and at ease.

The WBFF will not tolerate inexcusable behaviour backstage.  Please help out one another to make the whole event a positive and memorable event for all.

What type of contest colour can I wear?

The official tanning company is Fitness Tan.  Fitness Tan have developed a specific formula for WBFF shows worldwide to ensure all competitors have correct tan for the WBFF judging criteria. Traditional contest tans are too dark for the WBFF judging criteria.

See the Competitor Information section for more information.

Are hair and makeup artists available?

The world renowned Tegan Woodford will have a team available on show day for hair and makeup services.  It is not compulsory to use this hair/makeup service, but the WBFF strongly recommends using it to ensure the highest integrity of the brand quality for all WBFF events.

See the Competitor Information section for more information.

When can I register?

Registration closes 1 week prior to the show.  Anyone registering after this will incur an additional $50 late fee.

Athletes get a free facebook and Instagram header when they register.

Is there a dress code?

Our shows are prestigious red carpet events.  In keeping with the WBFF brand and standards, all competitors must be dressed smartly at registration/athletes meeting and in the front of the venue and auditorium.  No thongs, track pants, singlets etc are permitted to be worn (except for when you are in the backstage area only).

Competitor Forms

COMPETITOR BIO FORM please print and fill in this form and bring it to registration on 28 July. Please note that if you are doing 2 different categories you need to complete one for each category.



For all questions please email us direct at and we look forward to assisting you.